Rising with a new era

Founder Member

2012_mr_nguyen_hoc_van_v2.jpg Mr. Nguyen Hoc Van

Date of Birth: 5/9/1937
Place of Birth: Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh
• Engineering University 
• the National Academy of Politics and Public Administration
• Director of Water and Drainage Design Enter under the Ministry of Construction 
• Deputy General Director – Vietnam Water, Sanitation and Environment Joint Stock Company
• Deputy Team Leader – Water Suppky Project in Bagdad City – Iraq
• Chief Consultant - Water Supply Project in 6 cities (funded by ADB)
• Manager of Design and Construction of KhangKhay Water Supply System (Cambodia)
Mr. Tran Dinh Khai

Date of Birth: 13/3/1939
Place of Birth: Nghe An
• Water and Sanitation Engineer, Kiev University of Civil Engineering, Ukraine
• Doctor Degree in Water and Environment, Saint Petersburg University of Civil Engineering, Russia
• Assistant Professor
• Water Supply/Drainage and Environmental Specialist – VIWASE
• Member of the Board of Directors, Senior Advisor - HALCOM
• Highly experienced in Water Supply/Drainage and Environmental Projects