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On 18 February 2019, Halcom & CWP signed the credit agreement for the Phương Mai 3 Wind Farm with the Bank for Development and Investment of Việt Nam – BIDV, Cầu Giấy branch.Total value is up to 996 billion VND
On 14/11/2015, HALCOM officially introduced and applied the Company’s Code of Business Ethics. The ceremony was formally organized in Hanoi with the participation of many international guests and partners as well as the entire employees and consultants of the Company. The Code of Business Ethics of HALCOM is considered as one of the first of its kinds in private companies in Vietnam and is applied to every activities and business of the Company.
In the two days of 11 and 12 October, 2014 in Hanoi, the Company organized a "Corporate Compliance program (CCP)” training program for entire staff and specialists of the Company’s projects...
HALCOM has signed an agreement with the World Bank implemented a compliance program integrity (CCP) to strengthen the capacity of the staff of the company and more importantly, to improve the process / internal regulations , to better meet international standards HALCOM can help achieve the goal of becoming "the Group Investment and Infrastructure Development Consultants, of the top 100 largest corporations in Vietnam."

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