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Ha Long Investment and Consulting Joint Stock Company (“hereinafter referred to as HALCOM”) has operated in Investment and Consulting fields in development of Sustainable Urban – Infrastructure. Phuong Mai 3 Wind Power Plant located in Nhon Hoi Economic Zone of Binh Dinh province is one among current HALCOM’s investment projects. Phuong Mai 3 Wind Power Project belongs to Central Wind Power Joint Stock Company (“CWP”) that invested and managed by HALCOM. This Project is expectedly divided into five packages, namely: CWP1- Consulting Services for Application of Construction License (“National”); CWP2 – Project Management Consulting Services (“International”); CWP3 – Consulting Services for Preparation of Detailed Design and Bidding Documents (“National and International”); CWP4 – EPC Contractor (“International”); CWP5 – Construction of auxiliary works (“National”).
For the purpose of increasing the management and operation quality for works, and ensuring sustainable development, HALCOM now invites eligible consulting firms from EU or North America countries to indicate their interest in providing the Services for the Package CWP2 - Project Management Consulting Services to help the Investor present the overall project management, including but  not limited to the following contents:
1. Invited by: Investment Preparatory Unit - HALCOM.
2. Project information:
- Project’s name: Phuong Mai 3 Wind Power Plant
- Project location: Nhon Hoi Economic Zone, Binh Dinh province.
- Project implementation period: 12 months.
- Design capacity: 12 MW, expected to be up to 30 MW.
- Expected total investment capital: 40 Million USD.
- Project area: 122.3 hectares.
3. Consulting services under Pacakge CWP2:
- Review Feasibility Study Report, design ideas for the main items, give proposals on the increase of actual capacity in line with updated technology;
- Assist in selecting Consultant for the Package CWP3;
- Assist in Consultancy for Package CWP3, CWP4;
- Supervise and manage quality and progress of contracts for construction, equipment installation, operation and commissioning of EPC works;
- Approve and supervise training, operation and transfer plans of EPC contractor. Supervise periodical maintenance for subsequent years.
4. Type of Contract: Lump-sum.
5. Capital: Equity and commercial loan.
6. Method: International Pre-qualification.
All Interested Consultants have to commit to complying with the HALCOM Corporate Compliance Program (“CCP”) in compliance with the World Bank's integrity policy. Any Interested Consultants who are under debarment by the international organizations have to state clearly in the Letter of Interest, otherwise they shall be rejected and their Expression of Interest shall not be considered.
7. Expression of Interests must be delivered in a written form to the following address in person or by email on or before 14:00,December 05, 2017 (“Hanoi time zone”):
Investment Preparatory Unit - Ha Long Investment and Consulting JSC
Suite 1001, 101 Lang Ha, Dong Da Dist, Hanoi
Tel.: 84-0243 562 47 09; Fax: 84-0243 562 47 11
Email: info@halcom.vn; l.d.trung@halcom.vn
Ha Noi, 08th November 2017
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