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Trung tâm Ven


- Name of the Center: Trung tâm đào tạo và truyền thông Doanh nhân Việt

- English name: Center of Information, Education and Communication for Vietnam Entrepreneurs 

- Abbreviation: VEN

- Headquarters: Suite 1007, 101 Láng Hạ, Lang Ha ward, Dong Da district, Hanoi

- Phone number: (84)- (024) 66 89 59 59 

- Email: Ven@doanhnhanviet.edu.vn

- Website: www.doanhnhanviet.edu.vn 

- Director: Mrs. Nguyen Thi Ha

The Center of Information, Education and Communication for Vietnam Entrepreneurs, a science and technology organization directly under Vietnam Private Business Association, was established on 28 August, 2014 and organized under the Law of Science and Technology, Terms and Regulations of Vietnam Private Business Association. The Center has its own independent accounting, legal status, seal, bank account at the treasury, local and foreign banks, as well as tax codes as prescribed

- Research and application for the implementation of communication projects in the fields Socio-economy, Science and Technology. Consultation and organization of events and communication;

- Research and Application for the implementation of training activities aimed at improving quality of human resources in the field of infrastructure development: Water supply, waste management, transportation, irrigation, resettlement, communication, environment, finance, human resources;

- Management Capacity Building Training for enterprises;

- Awareness Training for businesses to comply with provisions, policies of the Nation and international organizations when they want to get into the integration and trading;

- Consultation and Training;

- Cooperation with organizations and individuals, domestic and foreign enterprises in training and communication  activities


VEN aims at Applied Training – meaning that after learning, accumulated knowledge shall be immediately applied and makes learners achieve the job better; offering flexible learning schedule; advanced and attractive learning method;


- Manager:
with over 15 year experience in management, and especially in training field.

- Specialized Staff: lecturers/ experts at home and abroad with Master degree or higher, with at least 15 years of experience in their specialization, teaching in the fields of Water Supply, Transport, Environment, Resettlement, Finance, Human Resources ...

- Supporting staff: 03 persons with University Certificate in Language, Marketing and Human Resource major.


 + VEN Center is directly under Vietnam Private Business Association and has an organization structure strictly based on functions and missions. The details are shown as follows:

     - Research & Development Department is assigned to perform researches on training products, new media activities, that accommodate with customer demand, market operations, fund finding, lecturer resources, and organize marketing activities to attract participants.

     - Education & Communication Department performs specialized tasks: Perform teaching activities for training courses at the request of Research & Development Department; Collect feedback from students related to training contents and logistics, from which proposes to Research & Development Department for proper adjustment.Organize and carry out communication activities as required by customers.

     - General Department: Perform human resource activities (Building policies, Recruitment, Salary/ Award/ Insurance mechanism..), administration, accounting, management of website, fanpage, facebook…

+ Leaders of VEN Center consist of: Chairman, Director, Deputy Director with more than 15 year experience in business management and administration, and experience in education and communication.
+ VEN Center has standardized its activities via Work Performance Procedure System, ensuring unification, synchronous and professional features in each service stage. Therefore, training & communication products provided by VEN offer distinguish colors, attracting attention of investors, partners, especially learners.

+ VEN has received special protection from HALCOM - the leading infrastructure development consultant in Vietnam now. HALCOM will:

     - Provide precious materials to VEN to better predict demand in human resources, that is served for infrastructure development.

     - Provide leading local and foreign experts to VEN in the field of Environment, Water Supply and Drainage, Wastewater and Waste Treatment, Finance….to perform training activities and share mutual experience.

     - Provide chances for collaboration and job opportunities to learners who desire and are suitable with ODA projects that are implemented by HALCOM. 

+ VEN Center is one of the core unit of Vietnam Private Business Association (VPBA in abbreviation) that currently has 3 branches and more than 500 members all over the country. This is a firm foundation for VEN to enjoy:

     - Valuable operation materials of businesses in many different fields, from which capture problems, needs to develop appropriate training contents more realistically.

     - Easily organizing training activities nationwide.


In the two days of 24, 25 October, 2014 in Hanoi, VEN Center and Haaga - Helia University of Applied Sciences, Finland has coordinated and successfully organized the training course named "Waste Collection, Transport and Treatment ", with the participation of 60 students from provinces of the country.

This is the first course to be held in Vietnam with the participation of senior lecturers of University, as well as experts with extensive experience in environmental projects.

From 2015, VEN Center and Haaga - Helia University of Applied Sciences will work together to continue the Waste Management Training Program to better meet the needs in improving quality of human capacity, served for the field to be being paid a lot of attention in Vietnam.

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