2022 plan of Hau Giang Solar Power Plant

Hau Giang Solar Power Plant is one of the first renewable energy plants to be put into operation in Hau Giang province, which not only contributes to the efficient exploitation of solar energybut also create new value for salin soil in Hau Giang province. Hau Giang TV has an interview with Mr. Nguyen Viet Dzung – Chief Officer of Halcom Vietnam JSC. on the occasion of the Tet holidays about the operation and future plans of the plant.

According to Mr. Dzung, after over 1 year, the total capacity of the plant has reached more than 46M MW to the national grid, equivalent to 90% of the original plan. In the coming time, it’s expected that the plant give more contribution to the social-economic development of Hoa An commune in particular and Hau Giang province in general. Following this, Halcom Vietnam JSC. aims to conduct the Hau Giang 2 Solar Power project with shareholders. This one is waiting for the approval from the Central, MOIT and for the PDP VII.

Solar field of the Hau Giang Solar Power Plant


Mr. Dzung said since Halcom took over the project, they realized that the investment environment is pretty healthy. The company usually receive support and guidance for policies from the state agencies. That’s why Halcom managed to put the project into operation on time and made it beneficial to the local people. Mr. Dzung also looks forward to receiving assistance and guidance from the state agencies regarding policies and law; and the support of the local people during land clearance to keep the implementation in schedule. It’s hoped that the policies will be upgraded in the future in order that the projects in the province can develop to their full potential.

Mr. Nguyen Viet Dzung, Chief Officer of Halcom Vietnam JSC conversed with the reporter from Hau Giang TV
Hau Giang Solar Power Plant, the first solar power plant of Halcom Vietnam, was professionally and methodically implemented and put into operation in a short time (less than 1 year). This is also the second renewable energy project of Halcom Vietnam in the direction of creating clean energy sources and sustainable development, with the goal of reaching a capacity of 500 MW of renewable energy within the next 5 years.