Message from President

Mr. Nguyen Quang Huan - President of Halcom Vietnam

Dear our Valuable Customers,

HALCOM has really become a growth firm after many years of development. We always put prestige as a top priority to bring our customers investment and consulting products with high quality and best value in infrastructure – urban development aspects.

As the pioneer in Vietnam to implement the Corporate Compliance Program (CCP) as committed with the World Bank, we have been making our best effort to improve our management level to it of advanced international companies. With traditional Asian culture, we always put prestige as the top priority and wish to witness the ceaseless development of our customers, our partners and the advancement of the whole era. Our business is not merely for profit, but above all, is for the sustainable development of communities and society. It is forever our lodestar in every operation.

As the founder to directly manage the Company over the years, I am very proud to have built and constantly actualized this business philosophy, and whereby, we increasingly gain trust of and obtains highly sought from our customers and partners.

We highly appreciate the trust that you – our customers and partners put in us. Our duty is to never betray that trust!

Your faithfully,