Phuong Mai 3 Wind Farm: Turbine installation and electricity facility construction

Quarter 4 in 2019 is the acceleration period for Phuong Mai 3 wind farm project in turbine installation and electricity facility construction in order to integrate into the national grid.

Since October, 2019, in preparation for the turbine installation, the foundation, paths and ground were completely constructed, meeting all technical requirements. Despite the unfavorable weather conditions with heavy rain and serious storms in Binh Dinh province during this season of the year, technicians and workers of Central Wind Power JSC. (CWP, a member of Halcom Vietnam), Siemens Gamesa and Hatec contractors have overcome many difficulties to install the turbines. All six turbine foundations was already completed previously and components were transfered from Quy Nhon port to Phuong Mai 3 construction site.

Turbine foundation and components have been ready for turbine installation at Phuong Mai 3 construction site.
The preparation for foundation and cranes meet lots of difficulties due to rainy and stormy weather in Binh Dinh.

The turbine installation, including section tower erection, started in the middle of November, 2019. Up to now, within half a month, the installation has been conducted on 4 turbines (on total 6 turbines), and for this each turbine, 3 section towers (on total 5 towers/turbine) have been erected successfully. The erection of 17-30 metre long and 49-94 ton weigh section towers, 65 meter long and 22 ton weigh blades require  600 ton specialized cranes.

Turbine section tower erection at Phuong Mai 3 construction site

In parallel with the turbine installation, the electricity facility is also in construction.

The electrical substation construction is almost completed.
Mr.Saurabh Mathur, Acting CEO of Halcom Vietnam, and Mr.Le Duc Trung, Director of the Project Management Board on a field visit to Phuong Mai 3 construction site.

Phuong Mai 3 wind farm project at Nhon Hoi Economic Zone, Binh Dinh province is invested by CWP JSC., a member of Halcom Vietnam. Siemens Gamesa, one of the world largest wind turbine and renewable energy equipment, is the provider of 6 wind turbines for the project.