Center for Infrastructure Development (Hal-Infra)

Hal-Infra is the successor of the former Technology team. With continuous efforts in professional and working area expansion, Hal-Infra has affirmed its position through projects funded by international organizations.

Many large-scale water supply and drainage projects in Vietnam have been contributed significantly by Hal-Infra, including surveying, making pre-feasibility and feasibility reports, basic designs, detailed technical designs, total cost estimation, preparing bidding documents, bidding plan for analysis and bidding evaluation.

Operational fields and strong points of the Center:
  • Survey, design, set up investment projects for water supply and drainage projects, solid waste treatment and other essential infrastructure improvement or expansion projects
  • Project management and capacity building, including construction management, bidding documents and bidding evaluation for infrastructure development projects
Objectives and working philosophy:

Constantly recruiting and improving the quality of human resources to provide customers with the highest quality services is the Center’s top goal.

Philosophy: Sustainable development

Human Resource:

In order to meet the goal of continuously improving the quality of human resources, in recent years, Hal-Infra has built up a team of highly qualified and experienced employees. The number of its key staff is now up to 8 people, most of them are engineers in water supply and environment.