Highlighted consulting projects on Urban Infrastructure

  1. Construction Supervision under The Secondary Green Cities Development Project – Thua Thien Hue sub-project, funded by ADB: Halcom represents the PMU in dealing with the multiple construction activities to be executed; carry out all engineering aspects and necessary procedures to ensure orderly andunimpeded progress of the construction works including reviewing any on-site design changes that may be required including those relating to underground utilities; assist the contractors in implementing the Environmental monitoring and GAP Settlement Monitoring; check and appraise the result of the work measurement and payments certification to the contractors; witness and certify the start-up and commissioning of the work to be provided by the contractors in accordance with their contracts; oversee completion of contracts in their Defects Liability Periods; check and approve as-built drawings and O&M manuals; carry out necessary works in the completion of the construction contracts and making verification reports, completion reports, acceptance reports for work and address variations of work, if any, to submit to PMU for acceptance. (2019 – 2022)
  2. Water Supply network upgrading project for LOT No.21, Hai Ba Trung District, Ha Noi; funded by private budget: HALCOM provides consulting services in Construction Supervision (2020)
  3. Water Supply Network Upgrading Project of LOT No.5A,B, Cau Giay District, Ha Noi: HALCOM provides consulting services in Construction Supervision (2020)
  4. Disaster Risk Financing for Hue: Mainstreaming Climate Resilience and Environmental Protection for Secondary Green Cities Development, funded by ADB: Halcom consulting service outputs: Public asset mapping and analysis; Disaster insurance feasibility assessment; Disaster insurance cover and structure (2019 – 2020)
  5. Upgrading and Improvement of Provincial Road 923 Project: Phong Dien – Ba Se – NH91 Section (Km11+326.8 – Km25+680) (private investment): HALCOM is responsible for survey, preparation of pre-FS report, FS report and basic design for the Project. The Project will improve and upgrade Phong Dien – Ba Se – NH91 section of 14.5m long, expand its road width and road-bed in accordance with Lowland Road Category III Standard under TCVN 4054 -2005; upgrading and construction of 9 old steel bridges along the section and 30 sewer positions. (2015)
  6. Vietnam Medium Sized Cities Development Project, Lao Cai City Sub-project (funded by WB): HALCOM is responsible for preparation of Investment Report and Resettlement Policy Framework for the project including topographical and geological surveys, basic design, procurement plan preparation and financial economic analysis (2010 – 2011)
  7. Coastal Cities Environmental Sanitation Project, Quy Nhon Sub-project (WB fund): HALCOM, in association with CDM International Inc. – USA, is responsible for preparation of the construction investment project report, detailed design and bidding documents for Component 2 (WWTP) in Phase 2 of the sub-project. (2009 – 2010)
  8. Water and Sanitation Programme for Small Towns, Sustainability Phase (WSPST III), funded by MFA: HALCOM in cooperation with Econet Ltd. (Finland) provide Technical Assistance Consultancy Service for the Programme to (i) improve the awareness of the population of their rights to water and sanitation; (ii) improve the awareness of the population and enterprises regarding the risks of untreated water and wastewater as well as the risks of unhygienic environment; and (iii) help the population and enterprises enable to connect to the municipal water and sewerage system or other system of similar hygienic impact at cost in accordance with national policies. (2013-2016)
  9. Third Rural Transport Project, funded by WB: HALCOM in cooperation with H.P.Gauff Ingenieure GmbH & Co. KG-JBG (Germany) provide Advisory Consultant Service including Advisory support to PMU6 and PDOTs, PPMUs in Project preparation and implementation in engineering, maintenance, procurement, financial management, environmental and social safeguards, monitoring and evaluation, updating of project information and documentation, monthly progress, disbursement and other relevant issues of Project at 32 provinces, and training and transfer of knowledge. (2013-2014)
  10. Comprehensive Socioeconomic Urban Development Project in Viet Tri, Hung Yen and Dong Dang, funded by ADB: HALCOM in cooperation with ARTELIA VILLE & TRANSPORT (France) and Urban Integrated Consultants, Inc., (Philippines) provide technical assistance during the project implementation mainly in the fields of design review advisory, construction and contract management as well as quality assurance etc., strengthen the training on capacity building of PMU, so as to ensure the smooth implementation of infrastructure engineering. (2012-2017)
  11. Corridor Towns Upgrading Project, Mekong Sub-region: Technical Assistance Consulting Services for Project Preparation, funded by ADB: HALCOM in cooperation with Norconsult AS (Norway), Norconsult Management Services Inc. (Philippines.), Norconsult Co. Ltd. (Laos) and CADTIS Consultant Co. Ltd. (Cambodia) provide consulting services for project preparatory technical assistance. The main tasks include: (i) conducting community consultation and collecting database for preparing local investment and development plans; (ii) preparing strategic socio-economic development plans for 3 towns of Moc Bai (Tay Ninh), Lao Bao and Dong Ha (Quang Tri), Vietnam; (iii) preparing investment programs for priority infrastructure and conducting feasibility evaluation for selected urban infrastructure sub-projects; (iv) building detailed implementation plans; (v) preparing capacity building plans for the project and sustainable development, etc. (2011 – 2012).
  12. Mekong Delta Region Urban Upgrading Project: Technical Assistance Consulting Services for Preparation of Construction Investment Report (FS), Detailed Design, Cost Estimate and Bidding Documents for 03 Cities: Can Tho – Rach Gia – Ca Ma, funded by WB: HALCOM provides technical assistance consulting services including (i) Preparing all guidelines and conducting training workshops to PPU/PMU/their consultants for the template of  Feasibility study/Investment Construction Report (FS) Preparation  and other documents; (ii) Providing technical assistance – field visits during FS preparation; and (iii) Reviewing, appraising and certifying the project documentation including FS, detailed design and bid documents prepared by the PPU/PMU. (2011)
  13. Mekong Delta Urban Upgrading Project – Can Tho City Sub-project, funded by WB: HALCOM provides consulting services for the package CT-CS4.19: Contract management and construction supervision for upgrading packages including LIA 3,6 (CT-PW-1.3); LIA 7,8,16 (CT-PW-1.4); LIA 19, 25 (CT-PW-1.5) (2013-2014)
  14. Vietnam Urban Upgrading Project, Can Tho Sub-project – Package No.CSPH5, funded by WB: In joint-venture with WSP Finland Ltd. (Finland), HALCOM is responsible for providing consulting services on contract management and construction supervision for infrastructure upgrading packages of Component 2, Phase 2. (2011 – 2014)