Halcom Vietnam and VinIT promote cooperation: Seeking new directions for waste treatment solutions in Vietnam

On the morning of August 11, 2022, representatives of Halcom Vietnam Joint Stock Company and VinIT Institute of Technology held a meeting for the purpose of sharing experiences, initially establishing cooperation relations and seeking commercialization opportunities for plasma technology for radical waste treatment.
The meeting of Halcom Vietnam Joint Stock Company and VinIT Institute of Technology on August 11, 2022

Attending the meeting were experts from VinIT Institute of Technology: Prof. Academician Shi Nguyen-Kuok (Nguyen Quoc Sy) President of the Management Board, senior pioneering expert in plasma waste treatment technology, Dr. Nguyen Nghia Secretary of the Scientific Council, Mr. Nguyen Trong Bang Mechanical Expert. On the side of Halcom Vietnam Joint Stock Company, there were Mr. Nguyen Quang Huan Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Indronil Sengupta Financial Advisor, Mr. Le Viet Vinh Deputy Director of Research and Development Department.

“Waste treatment in Vietnam is not only difficult at the sorting stage, with high humidity, low heat, low treatment cost per ton of waste compared to the region, but also one of the most difficult problems today, but also in the application of advanced treatment technology. Under this circumstance, plasma technology designed and manufactured by scientists of VinIT Institute of Technology will be one of the optimal solutions to ensure the radical destruction of unclassified waste as in Vietnam,” Prof. Academician Nguyen Quoc Sy expressed.

Experts from VinIT Institute of Technology introducing about plasma technology

Unlike conventional waste incineration technology, plasma technology releases almost no harmful gases such as dioxins and furans into the environment and minimizes the amount of post-combustion ash and slag, at the same time recycles waste into valuable resources. This is the only technology capable of radically treating plastic waste, nylon, sulfur and toxic impurities (mercury, cadmium, lead, xenon, cyan, electronic waste…), ensuring all the most stringent environmental criteria such as G7 or EURO6. Concerned about the high cost of this new technology, Prof. Academician also provided the answer on the needs of optimizing costs and profits for investors.

As a pioneer investor in finding and applying new technologies in renewable energy projects, especially focusing on promoting research and development of waste to energy projects in some potential localities, Halcom Vietnam highly appreciates VinIT’s superior technology and believes that applying this technology to the company’s waste treatment investment projects will bring about expected success. The company has set a target to build waste power plants with a capacity of handling 3,000 tons of waste per day by 2025.

Mr. Nguyen Quang Huan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company, hopes that two parties’ cooperation will help solve the entanglements in investment capital and policies for VinIT, thereby laying the foundation for commercialization for plasma waste treatment technology in Vietnam, creating beneficial products for society and for the country’s sustainable development.

Press release: Seeking new directions for waste treatment solutions in Vietnam