Thuan Thanh Water Plant Phase II: Increasing capacity to optimize investment performance


While COVID-19 pandemic is still complicated, which has caused serious impact to the country socio-economic, Halcom Vietnam JSC. has still put efforts to implement new investment projects, of which there is the Upgrading and expansion of Thuan Thanh Water Plant (Ho town, Bac Ninh province). After the completion, the project will help enhance the clean water quality, mitigate operational cost, increase investment efficiency and performance, as well as attract more potential and important clients in the province.

Thuan Thanh Water Plant was invested, constructed and put into operation since 2013 with the designed capacity for phase I of 5,000m3/day. It uses the drill well water source to supply water for the locals, agencies and units in Ho town. Since the commercial operation date, the plant has always had a stable amount of client from Ho town and 4 communes Gia Dong, Nguyet Duc, Ngu Thai, Song Lieu with an approximate annual revenue of 35 billion dong.

Thuan Thanh Water Plant was invested, constructed and put into operation since 2013

Ho town is the culture and politics center of Thuan Thanh district with a rapid urbanization, which is a potential market boosting in socio-economy with Thuan Thanh II Industrial Park (200 ha) and Thuan Thanh III IP (300 ha). Both of theses industrial parks are in the phase of expansion. There are also 6 urban areas that was connected and are in the stage of infrastructure. To meet the potential water use demand, as the plan, the plant will start constructing Phase II to increase the capacity in 2 periods:

+ By 2022, capacity increase to: 8,500m3/day

+ By 2023, capacity increase to: 12,000m3/day

Along with the capacity increase, the plant will replace the underground water source to the groundwater source of Duong River. This will help solve the salinity issue in the area, keep the water with the standard QCVN 01-1:2018/BYT and increase the duration of the equipment.

Water treatment area of the plant

With nearly 75B dong of CAPEX for Phase 2, it is expected that after the completion and COD of Phase II, the revenue will gain 69% more with the internal rate of return up to 27%.

Thuan Thanh Phase II project (2022-2023) is meaningful to the province while the socio-economy of Bac Ninh is developing in a rapid pace since it will guarantee the supply of domestic and production clean water for the habitants and the businesses doing investment there and help increase the competitive index of it compared to others. Besides, after operation, Thuan Thanh Phase II project will also bring a significant revenue to Halcom Vietnam JSC and gain a remarkable position for the company in the water supply and drainage sector.