Center For Environmental Consulting And Engineering

Center for Environmental and Engineering (CECE) was established in the years 2003-2004 with the name “Department of Social Environment”. After 7 years of effort and self-affirmation, with the professional, experienced and dedicated staffs, CECE was officially established on 01 April 2009.

Operational fields and strong points of CECE:
  • Preparation of survey records, site investigation on environmental existing conditions
  • Preparation of environmental assessment, environmental management plan, environmental auditing, environmental risk assessments and development of the risk response system
  • Implementation of environmental consulting and monitoring missions
  • Implementation of projects and research programs on environmental protection, sustainable use of natural resources, cleaner production, applied research on solutions for adapt to global climate change adaption
  • Implementation of programs of environmental protection training, communication and capacity strengthening
  • Cooperation in research and application of scientific and technological advances in the field of environment and internationally environmental cooperation
  • Provision of support services for customer relating to environmental protection requirements
CECE’s objectives and working philosophy:

The leading objective of CECE is to continously enhance the quality of the existing services and gradually develop the new products in accordance with the era tendancy. In order to do that, CECE has been affirmed its position in the intergrating path in accordance with the international science development.

In work, CECE pays a special attention to the collective strength that is built based on the internal force and the dedication of the individuals.

Working philosophy of CECE: We are one team; We are proud of you

Human Resource:

CECE’s personnels are maintained stably. They have constantly improved their expertise and developed in a multi-sectoral direction. A stable collaborator network is established to work with the Company to come over all challenges to provide the best consulting services for the projects.