Center For Resettlement And Social Development Consultancy

Center for Resettlement Consultancy and Social Development is one of the traditional departments of Infra-Thanglong. Formerly, the Center was the Environment and Social Department established in 2003. The Center officially became an independent department after being divided from Center for Community and Social Development on 01st October, 2010.

Operational fields and strong points of the Center:
  • Design and implementation of the sociological surveys, socio-economic surveys and social impact assessment
  • Consultancy in implementation of resettlement policy frame, preparation of resettlement plan, monitoring of the resettlement plan implementation
  • Consultancy in preparation of ethnic minority development plan, gender action plan, community development/upgrading plan etc.
  • Consultancy in preparation and assessment of activities related to capacity building and institutional development
  • Independent consultancy in implementation of social safeguard policies for the projects, programs etc.
Objectives and working philosophy of the Center:

The Center’s development objective is to hold and constantly improve the service quality of a leading consulting agency in the field of the safeguard policies consultancy, especially in resettlement, gender, ethnic minority, social impact assessment, capacity building and institutional development etc.

Working philosophy of the Center is: Devotion and Effectiveness

Human resource:

During the development process, the Center has always developed the staffs who are experienced, well-educated and able to satisfy the increasing quality requirements for the big projects nationwide.

All most all of the Center staffs graduated from the universities with the major of sociology (Sociology, psychology, environmental management etc.,). Among them, there are 02 staffs taking the PhD course, 03 masters and 02 postgraduates. All the staffs have at least 07 – 10 years of experience in implementation of consulting services in social safeguard policies for the development projects, especially the ODA projects funded by the WB, ADB and other multilateral & bilateral donors.