Our people

As a fully private consulting company with practical experience in international projects, we pay particular attention in our company strategy to human resources development. Knowledge management and broadening knowledge on technology, science and techniques in order to maintain and develop our quality of services to meet the requirements of our customers is our top priority. The Company’s staffs have obtained professional training, and our professionally experienced senior specialists have been trained on the new approaches such as demand driven and participatory preparation of orientation plans and multilateral & multi-sectorial approaches. Besides, our staff capacity has also been enhanced through opportunities to work directly with international specialists in specific projects.

Halcom has been building up the strong staff of senior experts, international legal and technical consultants, engineers, professional bachelors majoring in different areas such as Water supply, Environment, Construction, Transportation, Mechanical, Sociology, Economics, Legal, Human Resources, etc.

Career opportunities

We are welcoming talents for below job vacancies. Discover and apply to join our professional, transparent and innovative working environment!

Job Posting Title Location Department Date
Chief Finance Officer (vacant) Hanoi Finance & Accounting 03/09/2020
Director – Investment & Consulting Hanoi 21/05/2020
Contract Supervisor Hanoi Investment 18/05/2020
Finance Assistant Hanoi General Affairs 07/02/2020
Chief Accountant Hanoi Finance & Accounting 03/02/2020