Corporate Compliance Program

HALCOM is proud to be one of the first Vietnamese enterprises to apply the Business Compliance Program (CCP) in all business activities. The program contributes to changing the entire management process, business practices of the company in accordance with World Bank (WB) standards.

Combined with the business philosophy and corporate culture that has been established since its inception, the CCP program is the foundation for HALCOM to develop a Code of Conduct that summarizes all processes, regulations, principles to ensure a transparent business commitment, avoid corruption, bribery and prevent conflicts of interest for stakeholders.

The HALCOM Company Integrity Committee consists of a group of members who are key personnel in the company, managing the assessment and monitoring of compliance with the CCP Program. In particular, the Integrity Director is the person appointed by the Chairman of the Board to report to the Board matters related to the company’s CCP.

Hotline – HOTLINE 24/7 will receive and respond to all queries, concerns of Customers, Partners and Company employees.


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