Rising with a new era

HALCOMERS eagerly welcome X-mas and Happy new year 2017

The year 2016 is going to end after overcoming many difficulties and challenges; and we are all look forward to a new year with a lot of luckiness and opportunities.
To welcome the atmosphere new  year of 2017 and together share a happy time, in the afternoon of 23 December, a cozy party was held at the Company office to celebrate a new X-mas season with the participation of all HALCOM members.
Christmas and New Year Party of the Company took place in the very bustling atmosphere filled with joy and laughter. In the party, many games are played and funny and lovely gifts are sent to members of HALCOM family along with the best wishes.



A new year is coming. All HALCOM members shall together try our best  and look forward with renewed hope and determination to contribute to the sustainable development of the Company.
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