Halcom Vietnam supports building up school in Bac Kan province

Halcom Vietnam joins hands with the News channel – Voice of Vietnam (VOV1) and some enterprises in building up a new kindergarten school for poor ethnic children in Na Ma village, Phuc Loc commune, Ba Be district, Bac Kan province. The construction of the new school, starting on Aug 11 and completing by Oct, 2020, will facilitate better infrastructure – a classroom and supporting areas – for the local teachers and children in studying. The total construction amount is over 700 million dongs.

There are 20 Dao-ethnic children at Na Ma school. Teachers and pupils here have very poor studying conditions, both facilities and equipment. The kindergarten classroom had been so degraded that it was dismantled, the children had to study at the same classroom with the elementary pupils. There has been no national electrical grid access to Na Ma school, no place for the teachers and pupils to take rest and eat, water is also in shortage especially in the dry season as there is no water tank.

Na Ma school, about 6 km from the commune center, is the second most difficult one among 11 schools of Phuc Loc Kindergarten. The road to the school site is also in very hard situation. Ms. Hoang Thi Hien, Principal of Phuc Loc Kindergarten, said: “The terrain is too difficult, there is no investment, so the school site has deteriorated severely. When the new classroom is completed, we will  encourage parents to bring their children to school for 2 studying sessions in the whole day. The quality of the study program will be improved. The pupils are all from poor and near poor households, accounting for 92.5% of the poor households in Na Ma village. “

Halcom Vietnam Jsc., together with the co-sponsor VOV1 and some enterprises, sponsor for the school construction with a total amount of over 700 million dongs, of which Halcom Vietnam contributes 150 million dongs. The construction is expected to be completed before the northern areas enter a cold winter, and will be the second home to “light up knowledge” for children in the remote area. This is Halcom Vietnam’s effort and commitment in social security activities, accompanying and sharing living burdens for the poor in Vietnam – “Joining hands for the poor – No one is left behind”.

The kindergarten school site in Na Ma.
Na Ma school in Na Ma village, Phuc Loc commune, Ba Be district, Bac Kan province